Utilizing a Signature to Add Professionalism to Your Email

We all receive dozens of emails each day and a significant number of those might be from a mailing list. One approach to make your stand apart from the group is to add a signature to your email that appears as though it has been handwritten. The great news is that it is a simple process that will add a lot of professionalism to your email.  The supplies that you need are a clear white piece of paper, a great pen preferably dark, a scanner or a digital camera, a computer with a text editor and an image processor and you. The whole process for preparing your signature for your email to be used on your rundown should take less than 60 minutes. The initial step is to sign your name on a clear piece of white paper. Then you can either filter the signature utilizing a scanner or take a photograph of the signature utilizing your digital camera. You should attempt the two methods to see which results you like better.

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Once you have the signature on your computer then save it in a file that you can discover once more. Sparing it as a.jpg or a.gif is strongly recommended. Next open the file with an image processor program. My favorite image processor is Picasa and is available as a free download. First harvest the image closely. Save the image with a new title. Secondly, resize the image to be around 350 pixels wide. Save the image with a new title. Next increase the difference level in the image to make your signature stick out. Save the image with a new title. At last decrease the brightness of the image. Save it one more time. Then transfer your work to a website. You can use your own website or an image facilitating service, for example, Flickr. Then utilizing a text editor type, Then you need to save this file once more. This time make sure you save the file as an.html file.

The fpt ca next thing that you ought to do is open your email program. Each email program is a little different than the next. You may have to do a search to determine exactly how to include your customized signature for your mailing rundown to your email. Search for something that says edit signature and afterward insert your html code.  Congrats you have finished making your own handwritten signature for a professional looking email for your rundown. You should write your emails in rich text arrangement to be able to send your professional email. It is a great idea to send yourself an email before utilizing it on your rundown. Of course, if from the outset you are not content with the results you can attempt again until you are cheerful. Decide which step you are not content with and discover the file that you created by then do the process over starting there.